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NFL shouldn’t take fans for granted

ShareFor years, Tuesday Morning Quarterback has been warning that there is no law of nature that says the NFL must always be so popular. People need food and shelter — they don’t need NFL tickets, something for management and labor both to keep in mind as spoiled rich athletes and arrogant rich owners fight over [...]

NFL Notebook: Giants’ Manning back, will play vs. Ravens

ShareNew York Giants quarterback Eli Manning is back and ready to go. Manning returned to practice Monday and left no doubt that he intends to play Saturday in the next-to-last preseason game against the Ravens in Baltimore. “I’m feeling great,” Manning said. “Ready, excited about getting out to practice today and getting back into the [...]

NFL, CDC Team Up to Crack Down on Concussions

ShareWith the NFL finally taking a proactive stance against identifying and preventing concussions, the league has partnered with the Centers for Disease Control to help spread the word about brain trauma that occurs on the field of play. The centerpiece of the effort is the above poster, which now hangs prominently in every NFL locker [...]

Reasons why Rice is NFL’s greatest player

ShareCANTON, Ohio – Colts president Bill Polian has no idea where to begin or end the conversation when asked to name the greatest football player. “It’s like asking me who is the greatest hitter of all time. I’ll start with Ted Williams, Stan Musial, Willie Mays or Mickey Mantle and you can take your pick,” [...]

Online Sports Betting: Legality Vs Reality

ShareThe various legalities of online sports betting in the US are cloudy. The information below is an overview of US Laws and should not be used as a substitute for legal counsel.

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