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Cleveland Cavaliers Offer Dream Job to Homeless Columbas Man

ShareHow far can a golden voice get you in the world of announcing for the NBA? Well for one homeless man in the Columbus, Ohio area a golden voice and a bit of luck can land you a dream job announcing for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Ted Williams lived on the streets of Columbus, Ohio with [...]

Kobe Bryant Goes Hollywood in February

ShareMost athletes dream of having their jersey hung high in the rafters of the stadium or arena that they played in. While Kobe Bryant might have that come true he will first become immortalized in a different aspect. It was announced that the five time NBA champion for the Los Angeles Lakers, Kobe Bryant, will [...]

Twitter Karma For LeBron James?

ShareIt seems that no matter where LeBron James goes drama follows. This time it involves the latest social media outlet, Twitter and LeBron James. After LeBron’s former team the Cleveland Cavaliers lost 112 to 57 to the Los Angeles Lakers a Tweet appeared from LeBron James. In the Tweet LeBron James talks about Karma being [...]

ESPN Reporter Reveals Secret Play On Air

SharePart of being a reporter is knowing when to reveal information and when not to. There are thousands of reporting etiquettes that must be followed so that your sources are kept happy. Apparently ESPN’s Bob Holtzman was out of reporting school on the day these lessons were being taught. During Sunday’s football game for the [...]

Brett Farve Files Official Retirement Papers

ShareHere we go again. Monday morning rumors started flying that Brett Farve officially filed his retirement papers with the NFL. After nearly playing for 20 years in the NFL, the soon to be Hall of Famer silently filled out his retirement papers and turned them in to the NFL. Now it when the skepticism comes [...]

Tom Brady Doing Well After Surgery

ShareAfter spending the last eight regular season games on the injury list Tom Brady might have fixed the problem that has been the source of bad luck for the New England Patriots. Sources close to Tom Brady have reported that Tom Brady underwent surgery on his right foot for the condition that left him sidelined [...]

New York Jets Charter Plane Granted Rare Fly By of Empire State Building

ShareAfter September 11th not many planes have been given permission to fly near the Empire State Building. However, when the Empire State Building is lit up in the official colors of the New York Jet’s team and they are flying by the rules might not apply. For the first time in a number of years [...]

Lebron James Returns to Hometown After Major Decision

ShareAfter making one of the most unpopular decisions in basketball history, Lebron James returns to the town he left on December 2, 2010. The Miami Heat faced the Cleveland Cavaliers in one of basketball’s most talked about match-ups of the century. Earlier in the summer Lebron James made the decision to leave his hometown team [...]

Auburn University Quarterback Cam Newton Declared Eligible to Play

ShareThe NCAA released its findings on December 3, 2010 regarding Cam Newton’s eligibility for the championship game on December 4, 2010. Cam Newton was declared ineligible to play by Auburn University after allegations that Cam Newton, his father and another recruiting agent were involved in a pay-to-play scheme between Auburn University and Mississippi State. It [...]

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