March Madness: Sports Facts, Stats, & Betting

March Madness is upon us; all around the United States college basketball teams have geared up for upcoming tournaments. The tournament structure is pretty complicated so we have created simple to understand infographic going over the basics and some interesting facts about the tournament. Please take a look below.
March Madness: Sports Facts, Stats, & Betting
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This post was mentioned on Digg by xNerdCorex: poor Great Western conference always getting denied……

[...] I of course have filled out my brackets and have wagered my bets.  I came across this interesting visual which claims that 1 in 10 Americans participate in at least one March Madness office pool, with a [...]


I’ve been enjoying not only the men’s NCAA Tournament but also the women’s tournament as well.

The U Conn Baylor semi final game could well be an outstanding game to watch !

Alan Parkins aka tophatal

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