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Betting Clippers vs. Grizzlies Game 2

ShareGame one of Lob City vs. Memphis was the most exciting playoff action so far in the first round. The Grizzlies watched their 27-point lead evaporate until it resembled basketball in Vancouver – extinct. How a team responds after a devastating hit below the belt like that is sometimes hard to predict. Losing a 27-point [...]

New Coach for the Lakers up and Coming

ShareNew Coach for the Lakers up and Coming The Los Angeles Lakers have made an exciting new deal to hire a coach Mike Brown who was previously coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers. This news is brought by an official NBA employee who was allegedly not supposed to break the news as they were not authorized [...]

Kobe Bryant under Fire for Slur

ShareWednesday, April 20th, Kobe Bryant was fined $100,000 by the NBA for calling a ref an extremely derogatory homophobic term. Angry after what he thought was an unfair call, after punching a chair and throwing his towel on the floor in disgust, he preceded use an offensive term against a referee that said he had [...]

NBA Considering Replay System for Making Better Calls

ShareLike most sports the NBA has not been without his highly debated calls. Making good calls is very important when it comes the integrity of the game. The system in question will be similar to the one used for the NFL. Currently there is somewhat of a labor dispute and the NBA does not believe [...]

The NBA’s All Star Weekend

ShareThe National Basketball Association held its annual All-Star weekend this past weekend. It started off with the skills competition, the three point contest and the slam dunk competition. All the fans in Los Angeles came out to watch the show and participate in the festivities. It is a wonderful place full of rich NBA history [...]

East vs West: The NBA All-Star Game

ShareThe NBA All-Star weekend culminated with a wild, high scoring All-Star game itself. The final score was 148-143 with the Western conference beating the Eastern conference. The game was exciting from start to finish. The Los Angele Lakers fans got an even more special treat as their own hometown hero Kobe Bryant was named the [...]

Denver Nuggets Finalize Trade of Carmelo Anthony

ShareSports expert and the NBA fans have been waiting months to hear the final word on the epic trade of Carmelo Anthony. This trade has been in the works for months and many basketball fans have been hearing about the outlandish contract that Anthony is expected to sign. It is rumored that Carmelo Anthony is [...]

Kobe Bryant Goes Hollywood in February

ShareMost athletes dream of having their jersey hung high in the rafters of the stadium or arena that they played in. While Kobe Bryant might have that come true he will first become immortalized in a different aspect. It was announced that the five time NBA champion for the Los Angeles Lakers, Kobe Bryant, will [...]

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